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I'm finally posting my fan stories on Archive Of Our Own (AO3) at…

Yes, some of them are male/male slash, but I've tagged 'em all so they're easy to avoid if you don't like the stuff.

We all have different limits. Me, I'm fine with character fic but am personally horrified by RPF that features the actors themselves (especially if the writer gives them opinions or sexualities the real actors don't share), while other people point out RPF is how fanfic STARTED and that a celebrity's public persona is a constructed character anyway.

Tags/flags are our friends.

ArynChris Featured By Owner Edited Oct 20, 2015
I've only in the last few years heard that line "But that's how fanfic started!"  I'm pretty sure it's BS.  Fanfic has always been about taking someone else's creative writing and writing one's own from it, a branch from a tree, out of sincere interest in the creation.  1) RPF is written by people who clearly aren't fans of the real people involved, or they would respect those people enough not to objectify them.  2) I dare anyone who defends RPF that way to find an example of RPF that predates mythology, which is where the oldest fanfiction actually is.
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September 11, 2015