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I realized I haven't heard mention of "Lord of the Peeps" for some time, despite all the new Tolkien fans. If any of you haven't seen the site, it's THE LORD OF THE RINGS done with marshmallow Peeps, dollhouse miniatures, and complete nonsense. For example, here's Boromir…, Legolas…, and Gimli….

To see the whole thing, start at and select "Movie" on the left side of the screen (unless you're interested in the marshmallow actors' bios, the extra Council member Figpeep, filming news, and other fluff).

Click on the sideways rabbits under each pic to go forward and back, and feel free to ignore the lines of poetry (in italics) the creator added at the bottom of some pages.

Unfortunately, LotP only managed to enter Mordor when the creator got too sick to continue, but while it lasts it's a joy.

Gwah! I think I bruised my funny bone tonight. (No, not that one; I'm female.) ;)

One of my gamers likes to hold movie nights if we have to cancel our weekly RPG session, and one member turned out never to have seen "Big Trouble in Little China," so the rest of us got to enjoy it all over again.

But Lee didn't *warn* us before he followed it with the video "Lo Pan Style,"… , which was apparently done by the same actor who played him in the movie. Bwah!

Still, I'm planning my revenge; Lee probably knows "Enter the Dragon" by heart, but even though he's *heard* of the parody "A Fistful of Yen" (the main section of "Kentucky Fried Movie"), he's never actually seen it.  Picture me cracking my knuckles with evil glee.

(An old friend of mine down in Texas said "Fistful" nearly got him killed, because he'd seen it BEFORE the original and therefore seriously offended a whole theatre-full of violent young Bruce Lee fans when he couldn't keep from laughing himself sick during a screening of the real thing in San Antonio's Aztec Theatre. The theatre used to be (and perhaps still is) one of the major test sites for cheap-ass martial arts and boxing movies, because all the macho young Tex-Mex guys would get drunk and go there to watch people beat each other up on screen. They especially loved what used to be called "chopsocky" films--a term that's probably considered racist now, but referred not to Asian movies in general but to the cheap martial arts flicks put out by cut-rate Hong Kong studios before the era of international talents like John Woo. Aaron said one of the funniest things was that, before the era of voice actors, the American releases were dubbed by whatever English speakers the director could find in a Hong Kong bar and hire for a few hours --most often sailors on leave--so your noble young swordsman might be voiced by an old Australian deck-hand, and his princely brother by a drunk Alabama boy in the US Navy.)

I'm looking for some good tutorials on how to draw clothing on quarter-turned bodies - how to center a bodice or shirt logo, etc. on a character's body when the body isn't facing straight toward you.

A lot of artists, long after learning how to draw the turned body itself, still draw the clothes and jewelry by eye rather than mapped onto the body, so you get things like superhero logos that are still full circles (or shield shapes, or whatever) from our point of view, even though they should be angled and distorted by the body's angle from us.

Or bikini cleavage that, seen from the side, still shows us the same amount of flesh on both sides of the breastbone, even though the curve of the nearer breast would hide most of its inner curve from our point of view.

And my increasing hand tremors mean I can't even redline an example for someone who asked for my help.

So I'm looking for a few good tutorials (drawn or photographic) that I could recommend.

Thanks for any suggestions!!

I've been thinking about wings recently. I love fantasy art, and I don't normally expect it it to be realistic - if it were, it wouldn't be fantasy.

But I seem to be turning into a cranky codgeress on the subject of wings.

Badly drawn ones. Angels with a one-foot wingspan, gryphons whose wings are vague half-circles of fluff, Pegasus with little triangular wings like feathered fins, firebirds with an inverted V of bone hung with a bunch of separate feathers like socks on a washing line.

Real wings have a coherent shape, a structure of bone and muscle, and different kinds of feathers at different parts of the wings for a REASON. Lots of reasons. And I wish more fantasy artists paid attention to this, whether they study anatomy, copy from a stock photo, or use a tutorial like…. (Do you have a favorite bird/wing tutorial?)

I know this is silly of me.  You shoulda seen the first wings *I* used to draw. And we all have a right to be beginners, and a right to draw our art the way we want to at any age.

And I also know it's silly of me to talk about realism because, well, in the real world winged people and horses are scientifically impossible. For a large mammal to grow wings big enough to support their weight, the wings would add enough more weight of bone and muscle that the creature would need BIGGER wings to lift themselves, which would add MORE weight, and so on. Can't be done.

But I'm still irrationally cranky about badly drawn wings.

For two reasons.

One is, well, fantasy. I WANT to suspend my disbelief in gryphons. I love gryphons. I want them to be real. So if you draw them with realistic wings - wings like a real bird's wings, and in about the same proportion to the rest of the body, my mind can trick itself into almost believing they could be real. But if an artist draws wings that NOTHING could fly with - or wings so small they couldn't even take the weight of the gryphon's head, much less their bodies, I can't suspend disbelief at all.

And the other reason is art. Birds' wings are elegant. The shape of the whole wing, the shape of each feather, the patterns that the feathers make together.... A well-drawn wing is a thing of beauty. Most fluffy half-circles or stubby triangles with feathers aren't. And I'm a selfish viewer and want to see beautiful wings. So there.

-- Nonie

PS: Yes, I know DevArt has some great gryphon artists who draw realistic, well-thought-out, and lovely lovely wings. And I love them like a loving thing for teh WIN! I'm just cranky about everybody else.

PPS:  Including me. ;)