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Oh, NICELY creepy! I've seen enough hundreds (thousands?) of horror pictures here on DA that it takes a lot to get to me, but this one is both truly original and subtle enough to be effective.

I mean, after the first fifty or sixty rotting zombies, bitey demon fangs, and various forms of raw meat, you've kinda seen it all, and while the explicit can be gross, it loses power from over-exposure. But this artist remembers that the heart of REAL horror is in the suggested rather than the seen.

Any ghost or spectre can trail wisps of fog, but this Queen's trailing lines aim forward as if she skitters on hundreds of them like a spectral centipede--the skin of my back is twitching.

(And far MORE so than if the artist had just drawn an insect-merge like the many spider-women of fantasy games.)

Whoever this spirit is, she is _moving_. And, from her upright head and back, and the spear in her hand, she is aware and HUNTING.

We can't tell whether she sees the man(?) in the right foreground, but since her face isn't turned directly toward him, he's _probably_ not her primary prey.

But he's under threat and clearly knows it, crouched and still while the chill air leeches heat from his exposed skin, just as the eerie light mutes the living color from him. We can tell he knows his sword would not help him here; to remain unseen is his only defense as he hopes the spectral queen will pass him by.

But even as he watches her, his back is turned to the low gnarled trunks half-rooted in the riverbank behind him, like the forelimbs of a creature facing him from behind.

Or perhaps not. NONE of this is clear, or obvious, or therefore easily read and easily ignored.


Is perfect.

And I don't say that often.
The Artist thought this was FAIR
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