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Ltt city by Tsabo6
by Tsabo6

Hmm. Good technique, like all your work, but this one doesn't quite come together because it seems to be two pictures--an interesting, ...

Egyptian Halloween 4 by snowsowhite

Oh, SWEET! The only crit I can come up with is that the flail's dangling tips look like they're held together with safety pins, which--...

TFW6 - Nicole wears BLACKWATER Winter Outfit by Torqual3D

Gorgeously done! My only real critique: Her shirt's collar looks a little flat, and could use the same sort of seam rounding you've giv...


United States
I was never much of an artist even before I developed hand tremors (I'm hypothyroid and 56), but I've always loved art, especially comic-book art and Art Nouveau.

As a gamer of the old school - people around a table with dice and character sheets - I've always loved creating pictures of the characters and villains.

But even before the tremors, I had trouble with poses and proportions, so I'd usually xerox from my favorite comics artists and work from there. One figure's head, another's upper torso, a third's right hand, a fourth's lower body, all customized for age and race and gender and given new clothes and weapons.

And yes, they've always been for private use only. No publishing, no selling, no posting online.

These days, with the hand tremors, it's even harder, so I may occasionally ask DevArt artists here if I may borrow a copy of their posted work for the same purpose.


When I'm not here, I'm probably hanging out at Ten Ton Studios (…, especially the weekly sketch challenges. To my surprise, even some pro artist find my occasional crits useful.

Art preferences: I enjoy some anime, but am old enough I didn't grow up on it, and therefore still prefer a more standard comics style rather than manga or goofy or fully painted. 'S not a value judgement, just personal taste.

Some favorite artists:

Ed Benes
Frank Miller - ever since early Daredevil
Jim Lee
Steve Dillon (even if everybody looks alike)
Tony Daniel
Robert Atkins (though I'm not otherwise a GI Joe fan)
Mukesh Singh (Gamekeeper, yum!)
Terry Dodson
Silvestri, often
John Byrne for conveying HUGENESS in bases, monsters, etc.
Greg Land's got his moments, but he's just too slick
And I've enjoyed the less ridiculous bits of Liefeld, so there.

So yes, I'm predictable; I like fairly pleasant-looking art rather than blobby, too-cute, badly rendered, or grimy enough that I wanna wash my eyes. Yes, those are all great art too - for someone else to enjoy.

I do enjoy erotic art now and then, but not the ridiculously overbuilt nor the deliberately humiliating. No three-foot dicks or basketball-sized breasts, no deliberately grotesque or insulting stereotypes, and (I know this is an odd one) no explicit rape or torture that isn't in based on both characters' personalities AND their relationship.

Yes, Wesker might do something pretty nasty to Jill, and they both know it. Gives me the creeps, but it's valid to me in a way that, say, having Lobo rape Jubilee or Donald Duck or Aunt May isn't. Ditto for, say, Bane taking out his old prison habits on any of the Bats, but not the Scarlet Witch, Archie, or anyone at all from the Little Mermaid. (No, not even Lumiere.)


And in any kinda art, I REALLY love a good parody--not the generic caricatures of classic Mad magazine, but ones that really match the style of the original.

Which is one reason I'm so fond of the Ten Ton Sketch Challenges; among all the serious versions of a character, you can suddenly run into Khoi Pham's Big Barda in bunny slippers finding out that her armor shrank in the laundry. And if you're a little tired of the Watchmen, Jeremy Freeman drew them as Muppets. And how about mmmmmpig's Taskmaster perfectly mimicking the skills of...Fred Astaire? GWAH!

--Nonie, having the time of her life

Current Residence: Iowa City, USA
deviantWEAR sizing preference: 2X
Favourite genre of music: Sea chanteys, Celtic and traditional folk
Favourite style of art: Comics, preferably modern
Operating System: The human mind <g>
Favourite cartoon character: Porky Pine from Pogo, or Samurai Cat
Personal Quote: "This sentence no brain"
I realized I haven't heard mention of "Lord of the Peeps" for some time, despite all the new Tolkien fans. If any of you haven't seen the site, it's THE LORD OF THE RINGS done with marshmallow Peeps, dollhouse miniatures, and complete nonsense. For example, here's Boromir…, Legolas…, and Gimli….

To see the whole thing, start at and select "Movie" on the left side of the screen (unless you're interested in the marshmallow actors' bios, the extra Council member Figpeep, filming news, and other fluff).

Click on the sideways rabbits under each pic to go forward and back, and feel free to ignore the lines of poetry (in italics) the creator added at the bottom of some pages.

Unfortunately, LotP only managed to enter Mordor when the creator got too sick to continue, but while it lasts it's a joy.


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The-Morlock Jan 22, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the fav on Lili's Crossing by The-Morlock :bow:
A Fave very well earned, I assure you. Amazing work!

The-Morlock Jan 22, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Bat-Dan Jan 17, 2014  Professional General Artist
Thank you for the fave on my Batman/Joker illustration! I appreciate the support!
hi there. i am grateful for your comment, and, especially seeing as you seem to know what you are on about with alliterative verse, i would be grateful for your input on a new piece i have written. its entirely original, rather than a fan work, which is a change from my usual. :)

You've got a good and solid core of a poem here. The hard part will be, as it is for all writers, trimming away anything that might lower its impact by distracting your readers, whether with cliches, grammar errors, or metaphors that don't ring true. It's a hard and painful process, but the end result makes both us and our work stronger.

(Most useful crit I ever got? Came from an accquaintance who couldn't stand me, but felt like it was his writer's duty to help me out. That was one ruthless scalpel, let me tell you; it took me almost three days to get through maybe twenty comments, because after every few crits I'd have to go cry or pet the dog or go for a long walk before I could cope with reading the next one. But he permanently cured about five of my worst errors, and I'm still grateful to him.)

So, be loving but ruthless to both yourself and your poems, and get in the habit of doing several editing passes to root out the following things that can distract or disconnect your readers:

* Cliches: orphans' tears, loved ones, wracked with/by pain.

* Metaphors that don't ring true: pricking-steel (sounds like very minor injuries) that also grasps something (you DON'T want your readers to picture one of those claw machines at Walmart!), or using "kiss" for a weapon's impact when its erotic/romantic connotations don't match the rest of the poem's imagery.

* Mismatched tenses: rain that drenchED but fallS.

* And, hardest of all, you have to watch out for perfectly reasonable sentences with phrases that can still be misunderstood when read for the first time in order, like one teacher's example, "He grabbed her butt and put it in an ashtray" - I *still* make reading-order mistakes like that at 55, and need several beta readers to catch them for me. So here's how a first reading can go wrong:

"those whose loved ones, now lie in earth  (The loved ones are dead?)

the wounded left,  (The right flank and/or conservatives weren't hurt? The wounded left the earth? The wounded left those who etc.? The wounded left their loved ones?)

wracked by their pain (Who's wracked, and by whose pain?)

remembering friends, (Who remembers?)

that fell before them, (Before whom, and does "before" mean "before they did" or "in front of them?" Readers may be influenced by the biblical phrase "His foes fell before him"....)

the good that pass, (Does "pass" here mean to die or just walk by, as in the military phrase "To pass in review"? )

their duty guarding (Who guards, and why would someone guard a duty?)

their errant foes, (We only guard captured foes. Maybe "guard against"? And errant means "wandering"; are the enemy straggling around confused, or metaphorically sinful?)

SO. By this point, the confused reader may be doing one of three things: Giving up completely, or skimming the rest of the poem with only shallow interest because they don't expect it to make sense either, or looping back around in a holding pattern as they try to sort it out. Any one of those reactions means you've lost the driving force this poem should have--the jet fuel's burned off and the reader's limping along on shaky wings.

I DON'T mean that poems shouldn't contain ambiguities and questions; when Robert Frost begins with "Nature's first green is gold," we aren't stopped by the color confusion but read ahead to find out what he means. And his sustained metaphor of the glory of beginnings--new leaves, sunrises, the Garden of Eden--holds together to make his point(s). Short and punchy, as a poem about brief moments should be, and with plenty to chew on.

And it's fine for poetry to be ambiguous, where the carefully crafted interplay of possible meanings can enrich the whole thing--see Frost again with "The Road Not Taken," which could refer to hiking, Christianity, marching to your own drummer, or even (as he pretends to claim) just a description of a friend who could never make up his mind.

But the ambiguity doesn't come from our struggling to understand the sentences themselves.

ANYWAY. Sorry for going on so long, and I hope you understand I'm trying to share with you how to use your own scalpel, rather than attacking you with one! You're good, and you're gonna be even better.

thanks for the comments; i am going to have a good think whilst i am on holiday about what i can do based on these. :)
Was just discussing the Peeps thing with Nanatei ( and realized that, as memes go, Legos are the new Peeps. ;) But I love 'em both for these funny scenes because they provide different kinds of nonsense.

wolfanita Jul 17, 2013   General Artist
Thank you for faving! :w00t:
RomaiLee Jun 30, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
thanks for the comment ^^

If you're interested please follow my work as a cosplayer on FB! ---> [link]

Or on Twitter --> [link]

I would appreciate it ^^
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