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A lonsome Queen by Fesbraa
by Fesbraa

Oh, NICELY creepy! I've seen enough hundreds (thousands?) of horror pictures here on DA that it takes a lot to get to me, but this one ...

Tauriel - It is our fight by Ingvild-S

This is lovely and deeply moving; such a young face despite her agelessness, caught between hope and worry, caring and grief. Love has ...

Kili and Tauriel - A serene moment by Ingvild-S

Oh, dear.... Brace yourself, okay? I've always loved your art--your Dis is in my Favorites, and the best picture of a female Dwarf I've...

Serve and Protect by davidhueso

I like the striking contrast here; you do a great job of showing us the twisting and warped flesh, the distortion of bone and teeth. An...


A lonsome Queen by Fesbraa
Oh, NICELY creepy! I've seen enough hundreds (thousands?) of horror pictures here on DA that it takes a lot to get to me, but this one is both truly original and subtle enough to be effective.

I mean, after the first fifty or sixty rotting zombies, bitey demon fangs, and various forms of raw meat, you've kinda seen it all, and while the explicit can be gross, it loses power from over-exposure. But this artist remembers that the heart of REAL horror is in the suggested rather than the seen.

Any ghost or spectre can trail wisps of fog, but this Queen's trailing lines aim forward as if she skitters on hundreds of them like a spectral centipede--the skin of my back is twitching.

(And far MORE so than if the artist had just drawn an insect-merge like the many spider-women of fantasy games.)

Whoever this spirit is, she is _moving_. And, from her upright head and back, and the spear in her hand, she is aware and HUNTING.

We can't tell whether she sees the man(?) in the right foreground, but since her face isn't turned directly toward him, he's _probably_ not her primary prey.

But he's under threat and clearly knows it, crouched and still while the chill air leeches heat from his exposed skin, just as the eerie light mutes the living color from him. We can tell he knows his sword would not help him here; to remain unseen is his only defense as he hopes the spectral queen will pass him by.

But even as he watches her, his back is turned to the low gnarled trunks half-rooted in the riverbank behind him, like the forelimbs of a creature facing him from behind.

Or perhaps not. NONE of this is clear, or obvious, or therefore easily read and easily ignored.


Is perfect.

And I don't say that often.
Tauriel - It is our fight by Ingvild-S
This is lovely and deeply moving; such a young face despite her agelessness, caught between hope and worry, caring and grief.

Love has opened up a chasm between her and her King, between her and all her people, including the Prince she grieves to have grieved but cannot truly love, compared to the mortal warmth in which she both melts and burns even as she knows she must soon lose.

This is the most real/living picture of Tauriel I've seen, with such complex emotion in every flowing line of her face and even in the fragile architecture of her neck.

A lovely flower caught between the real summer that ends in frost, and and the eternal dreaming song that will never soar so high nor fall so deep.

Beautifuly done.
Kili and Tauriel - A serene moment by Ingvild-S
Oh, dear.... Brace yourself, okay? I've always loved your art--your Dis is in my Favorites, and the best picture of a female Dwarf I've ever seen, but something's gone seriously wrong with this picture, because your description says this is intended to be cute and sexy, and I'm guessing we're supposed to be seeing a willing-but-shy Tauriel being encouraged by a loving Kili.

But if so, I regret to say that your otherwise brilliantly skillful art is showing this scene wrong.

If she's willing, her body language is way off--she's flinching away in more than simple shyness. If he's reassuring her, helping her get over her fear, HIS body language is way off; he's holding her pinned while smiling and _not looking at her_. And the combination is highly disturbing.

With the possible exception of her forward thigh (which could simply be a matter of balance), EVERY line of her body looks stiff and terrified, as though she's trying to push him away.

She's turned her head away from him, with a tight face and worried brows, and eyes shut as if she doesn't want to be there or see him. Her shoulders are forward and her arms between them, as if she's trying to protect her body and push him away.This isn't a sexy situation, at least from her point of view at the moment; she's trying desperately to get away but he's keeping her pinned against him.

I'm NOT saying this looks like a deliberate and sadistic rape; he isn't open-eyed to gloat at her terror or clawing at her body with clear intent to bruise.

But he DOES seem to be ignoring her fear and her physical attempt to get free; both his smile and his closed eyes say he's focused on what he's feeling and not how she's reacting.

He can't be unaware of how she's reacting, since even with his eyes closed he must be able to feel her her rigid and probably trembling attempt to push him away, but he's not looking at her either to see what the problem is or to reassure her, and his expression doesn't look concerned or sympathetic; he's just holding her pinned while he smiles and keeps his eyes closed.

So whatever you intend with this scene, which I'm guessing was "She's willing but shy, and he reassures and encourages her and then everything goes well," his ACTUAL body language says "I don't care if you're scared or trying to get away, I'm strong enough to hold you here and _I_ am enjoying myself."

Nearest modern equivalent to his pose? "Girl, if you didn't want this you wouldn't have come to our frat party, so shut up and enjoy it."

So yeah, no. Just no.

I've never had this reaction to your art before; you've gotten my enthusiastic comments on several of your other pics, and at least one Fave, so I KNOW you don't lack skills or (in general) vision, or I wouldn't be quite this crisp about what looks wrong here.

So now I'm having trouble figuring out how to list the, y'know, Ratings category stars on this pic, because this is a very skillful and disturbing picture that shows something very different from the mood you described.

If my description IS what you had in mind--something like a smug date-rape--let me know and I'll change my ratings (and stop following your art entirely, because date rape is something I REALLY can't support romanticising). Otherwise, though, I can only rate it as a failed attempt to depict a loving and positive scene.

With my regrets and apologies for being a pain about this,

Serve and Protect by davidhueso
I like the striking contrast here; you do a great job of showing us the twisting and warped flesh, the distortion of bone and teeth.

And I especially like the way the monstrous side is pulling away from the center, as we see in the outward arc of hair, brow, upper lip, and chin; if it were just divided exactly down the middle, it'd look more like a fixed and balanced condition (or a before-and-after ad) rather than a moment of warping horror.

I'm a little puzzled by why the monstrous side shrinks her eyeball and narrows its view with tighter lids (both of which would normally be protective mutations) but also pushes the eye forward so it is LESS protected by a bony socket than most animal & human eyes. But I'm not saying that contrast is a problem, as such, since it also makes it more unnatural.

My only serious crits concern the tattoo on our right and the ear/earring on our left.

The tattoo looks completely unrealistic to me; a flat color layer you added on top rather than a real mark on human skin. I do see the shadow and highlight you added, but they have that shallow vector look; nothing even hints at the texture or color differences of natural skin or the tiny soft highlights of skin hair.

Unless the axe tattoo has vital meaning here, as either a runespell that causes her transformation or the mark of a relevant cult membership, I'd strongly recommend removing it, since it both requires more work to be realistic and lowers the contrast between her apparently innocent and evil sides. But if it does have meaning and you keep it, I'd recommend making it smaller and less distracting--which will also make it easier to texture/shade as something real; the large size makes any problems more visiible.

And I've got two problems with the ear on our left: the piercing socket and the shape of the ear itself.

If you look at any healed piercing in human or animal flesh, you'll see the hole in the skin has rounded edges where the flesh pulled together in healing, rather than a flat-edged hole like notebook paper. A clean and healthy piercing just indents the flesh with a soft rounded inward curve that looks as natural as the earlobe's outer edge or the rim of the nostrils, and since we assume this ring is on the woman's own ear rather than magically appearing with the other monstrous aspects, I'd recommend going with that clean curve.

(If a piercing or the material of the ring creates a strong skin irritation, you can end up with something twisted, swollen, maybe with lumpy keloid scarring, but I recommend against that here; it would draw more of our attention to her ear rather than the warping-aside of the main transformation, and the distraction could weaken the primary impact--especially if the ring's effect was strong enough we wondered whether IT was responsible for the transformation, etc. So I'd go with smooth and natural as well.)

But--and I don't think this will surprise you--the current shape/lighting of the ear is odd enough to be a distraction of its own.

The inner lobe edge, ragged and a little torn, looks almost paper-thin, rather than having the thicker edge we'd expect from even a cat or rabbit. The shadow and lighting is confusing, making the brighter-colored streak just above the ring look like it's a thick forward curve, which makes that thin ragged bit look even odder (does any animal have a thin flap in FRONT of its entire ear-riim?) and the smoothness of color on both that bright-colored arc and the flat pale surface of the ear itself look brighter and smoother than a human ear, unlike the rest of the transformation.

As a result, it looks kinda like, I don't know, a white-chocolate-coated sugar cookie with the bottom pushed out and upward from the normal human position.... Not exactly monstrous, and its bright contrast to the darker hair and flesh makes it even more eye-catching.

Me, I'd like to see both a more meaningful/monstrous ear shape AND one that doesn't draw our eye so much away from that outward-warping transformation.

Animal ears wouldn't push the bottom lobe away from the head like that; they'd flare the upper/outer edge into a higher/wider fan to catch every sound, as most animals have. Whether the earflap pulls back almost flat to protect the edge from whatever this creature is attacking, or the top folds down and inward (cf pit bulls and boars) to protect the earhole, it'd still be fairly flat to the head.

Or, if the smaller and more lidded eye means that this monstrous head is designed to show few weak points, the ear might be mostly a small hole protected only by a a gnarled ridge of slightly raised flesh, which would be even less visible behind the hair.



United States
I was never much of an artist even before I developed hand tremors (I'm hypothyroid and 56), but I've always loved art, especially comic-book art and Art Nouveau.

As a gamer of the old school - people around a table with dice and character sheets - I've always loved creating pictures of the characters and villains.

But even before the tremors, I had trouble with poses and proportions, so I'd usually xerox from my favorite comics artists and work from there. One figure's head, another's upper torso, a third's right hand, a fourth's lower body, all customized for age and race and gender and given new clothes and weapons.

And yes, they've always been for private use only. No publishing, no selling, no posting online.

These days, with the hand tremors, it's even harder, so I may occasionally ask DevArt artists here if I may borrow a copy of their posted work for the same purpose.


When I'm not here, I'm probably hanging out at Ten Ton Studios (…), especially the weekly sketch challenges. To my surprise, even some pro artist find my occasional crits useful.

Art preferences: I enjoy some anime, but am old enough I didn't grow up on it, and therefore still prefer a more standard comics style rather than manga or goofy or fully painted. 'S not a value judgement, just personal taste.

Some favorite artists:

Ed Benes
Frank Miller - ever since early Daredevil
Jim Lee
Steve Dillon (even if everybody looks alike)
Tony Daniel
Robert Atkins (though I'm not otherwise a GI Joe fan)
Mukesh Singh (Gamekeeper, yum!)
Terry Dodson
Silvestri, often
John Byrne for conveying HUGENESS in bases, monsters, etc.
Greg Land's got his moments, but he's just too slick
And I've enjoyed the less ridiculous bits of Liefeld, so there.

So yes, I'm predictable; I like fairly pleasant-looking art rather than blobby, too-cute, badly rendered, or grimy enough that I wanna wash my eyes. Yes, those are all great art too - for someone else to enjoy.

I do enjoy erotic art now and then, but not the ridiculously overbuilt nor the deliberately humiliating. No three-foot dicks or basketball-sized breasts, no deliberately grotesque or insulting stereotypes, and (I know this is an odd one) no explicit rape or torture that isn't in based on both characters' personalities AND their relationship.

Yes, Wesker might do something pretty nasty to Jill, and they both know it. Gives me the creeps, but it's valid to me in a way that, say, having Lobo rape Jubilee or Donald Duck or Aunt May isn't. Ditto for, say, Bane taking out his old prison habits on any of the Bats, but not the Scarlet Witch, Archie, or anyone at all from the Little Mermaid. (No, not even Lumiere.)


And in any kinda art, I REALLY love a good parody--not the generic caricatures of classic Mad magazine, but ones that really match the style of the original.

Which is one reason I'm so fond of the Ten Ton Sketch Challenges; among all the serious versions of a character, you can suddenly run into Khoi Pham's Big Barda in bunny slippers finding out that her armor shrank in the laundry. And if you're a little tired of the Watchmen, Jeremy Freeman drew them as Muppets. And how about mmmmmpig's Taskmaster perfectly mimicking the skills of...Fred Astaire? GWAH!

--Nonie, having the time of her life

Current Residence: Iowa City, USA
deviantWEAR sizing preference: 2X
Favourite genre of music: Sea chanteys, Celtic and traditional folk
Favourite style of art: Comics, preferably modern
Operating System: The human mind <g>
Favourite cartoon character: Porky Pine from Pogo, or Samurai Cat
Personal Quote: "This sentence no brain"
I realized I haven't heard mention of "Lord of the Peeps" for some time, despite all the new Tolkien fans. If any of you haven't seen the site, it's THE LORD OF THE RINGS done with marshmallow Peeps, dollhouse miniatures, and complete nonsense. For example, here's Boromir…, Legolas…, and Gimli….

To see the whole thing, start at and select "Movie" on the left side of the screen (unless you're interested in the marshmallow actors' bios, the extra Council member Figpeep, filming news, and other fluff).

Click on the sideways rabbits under each pic to go forward and back, and feel free to ignore the lines of poetry (in italics) the creator added at the bottom of some pages.

Unfortunately, LotP only managed to enter Mordor when the creator got too sick to continue, but while it lasts it's a joy.


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